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You Decide what to do with your body, no one else.
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Healthier Alternatives to your eating habits.

I haven’t tried all of these, so I can’t vouch.  I know for my tuna salad that I make I do a mix of olive oil and mustard instead of mayo, but I don’t know in what universe Mustart is a straight up alternative to Mayonnaise.

For Salads, Avocado and Almonds are a great way to beef up the salad without adding bread!

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Spinach Shots for dietary fiber, Vitamin K (blood health) and Calcium.


Spinach Shots for dietary fiber, Vitamin K (blood health) and Calcium.

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Posted by Quotes Sayings


Posted by Quotes Sayings

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14 Home Remedies For Joint Pain And Arthritis - Blog→
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Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World Around Us - The Mind Unleashed→
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25 Amazing Benefits & Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide→
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Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux--Treat Acid Reflux & Heartburn Naturally→
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Why Massage Therapy is a Necessity, not a Luxury→


Most people don’t know that receiving massage on a regular basis can greatly improve the quality of their life. The common belief is that massage is a luxury, not a necessity, and is too expensive to do as a routine.   This is a mistake. In reality, most of us can’t afford not to have regular massage.  Just consider these two simple questions:  1) How well do you function in daily life when your body is restricted with physical pain, stiffness and fatigue?  2) How clearly does your mind think when you are carrying around a backlog of weeks, months, or even years of accumulated stress?

Unhealthy, negative stress doesn’t support an optimal state of functioning.  It gets in the way of happiness. It compromises our effectiveness.  It robs us of our power.   If a person is tired and can’t move properly, motivation and productivity tends to suffer.  When the mind is cluttered and confused, clear decision making becomes difficult and mistakes increase.  Creativity and inner wisdom are harder to access. And the ability to be successful is seriously diminished.  When we are overloaded with the harmful effects of stress, we should consider ourselves thoroughly compromised and take action to get back into balance.  The beauty of massage is that it tends to work quickly and easily.  One session can help elevate the body and mind out of the stress-crisis mode and back into a feeling of empowerment.  Over time, just one massage a month can remove enough of the ongoing friction to keep us from spiraling into stress-overload in the first place.  There is no reason to hit rock bottom if it can be prevented. Maintenance is the key. 

Developing a self-care routine that includes massage can increase personal effectiveness profoundly.   As much as stress in the mind reflects in the body, stress in the body also reflects in the mind.  Our mind-body dynamic is multidimensional and we should address it from all angles.  Massage is a fast, powerful, effective way to shift both the physical body and the mental paradigm right away and give a much needed energy boost.  Personally, I’ve never worked better, danced better, or gotten more done than in the days following a deep tissue massage.   The freedom it can give in daily activities can mean the difference between high level functioning and complete misery.  Put into this perspective, the financial cost of a massage is really nothing to worry about.  The cost against one’s health and happiness is far greater when we deprive ourselves of this much needed healing time.  And people take much better care of others, if they take excellent care of themselves first.  It is worth it to invest just a little in order to raise the overall bar in life a lot!

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(via Holistic Health – The Benefits Of Oil Pulling | Free People Blog)


(via Holistic Health – The Benefits Of Oil Pulling | Free People Blog)

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Trivia Challenge!


The seeds of this annual are used to treat gas pains, upset stomach and halitosis (bad breath). What is it?

Answer: Dill
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They’ve turned your health into a business.

They’ve left you second guessing yourself trying all sorts of diets, foods, and gimmicks, all because you wanted to eat healthy, to feed your children healthy food, because you care about the earth and what happens to it.

They’ve fed you lies sponsored…

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South Bay Wellness - Alternative & Holistic Health of Sayville


South Bay Wellness - Alternative & Holistic Health of Sayville

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